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Mastec, Inc. is an American multinational infrastructure engineering and construction company based in Coral Gables, Florida. Limited to the engineering, building, installation, maintenance and upgrade of energy, utility and communications infrastructure, including electrical utility transmission and distribution, power generation, natural gas and petroleum pipelines, wireless, wireline and satellite communications, wind farms, solar farms and other renewable energy, industrial infrastructure and water and sewer systems. Its customers are primarily in the utility, communications and government industries. The company's core services are the engineering, building, installing, maintaining and upgrading of infrastructures. The company was founded by Jorge Mas Canosa, father of current CEO Jose Mas, and it was listed on the NYSE in 1998. MasTec, Inc. is the second largest Hispanic-owned company in the United States, and has over 20,000 employees in North America.

An employee shared this on their social media profile, "I work three years never got a raise are a evaluated. I think that the BBA and NNACP need to investigate there treatment of Black Americans. So I wouldn't refer anyone to this company.Management was unable to properly align work operational goals with customer expectations. Underachievement was the result of improper preparation of staff. Quality suffered from lack of inconsistent customer standard implementation. Upper level management under qualified to lead magnitude of project expectations."


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Account Payable Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The division in coral gables Mastec Advantage Technology very disorganized all over the place the Manager for AP the worse she looks down on you she is a control freak don't let anyone grow and talks about everyone and the worse is she will push you to quit or will create a nasty situation for you to be fired.She mental abuse, look down on you , talks about her team with others in the team every person who have left or fired was because of her. Many want it to report her to HR.And the company fired people like spit they don't care how many years you there. Not a company to grow the people who are there for years was since the beginning today Mastec is not the same company.Don't work there is depressing no future for people who wants to grow"

DirecTV Technician (Former Employee) says

"You dont get compensated the way you should, the pay structure is awful, and they give the best jobs to their favorite employees, if your not a butt kisser you'll get stuck doing service calls for $20 a job."

Installation Technician (Former Employee) says

"As an Installation Technician, my role was supposed to be arriving at a customer's home and providing a professional installation / upgrade, but management wanted all installers to carry a catalog of extra items the customer could purchase (which was also carried in our vans) and try to convince them to buy while we were installing. It felt unethical to do so, since the customer trusted me to enter the home as a technician, but was basically a "mark" for a door to door salesman. There are so many customers who live in roach infested trailers or run down urban homes and only requested the dish because of an offer. I could see that they couldn't afford the video doorbells, the soundbars, the door lock you controlled with your cell phone, or even the $20 bottle of screen cleaning spray...but I'd always be asked if I gave the customer a sales pitch when my manager called me.take home van for a weekly feeBeing pushed to sell expensive extras."

Winch Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"to many buddies working for buddies. Outsiders were just a joke to the rest of them. Mechanics were god no matter what they did wrong. Dispatch was a jokenoneunorganized"

Installation Technician (Former Employee) says

"BAD,BAD,BAD,BAD!!!!!!! All this place do is lie. Do not care about you as a person. only what they can get out of you. The pay is one of the lowest that i have seen in this business."

Alarm Technician (Former Employee) says

"Long hours with low pay and not one raise in over 2 years. I requested pay raises several times and was told we don't give raises in your market. The company refuses to give you a saturday or a monday off so you never get 2 days off consecutively. The pay structure is misleading. No bonuses, just grief. My manager was the dumbest woman in the whole company"

Satellite Tv Technician (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend anyone working for this company long term. It is a place to earn a few checks if you have no other option at the moment. I would not work for them again"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"I dont have nothing nice to say so I won't say much, they always needing people so they will give a chance to anybody cause people leave left and right all the time"

Satellite Technician (Former Employee) says

"They send you all over the mountains and don't pay you for any drive time. Too much to focus on even before you get to your jobsite. Need to find a better way to let the technicians know wether or not they can perform their jobs before you get to a isolated site. Way too many pay cuts!!"

Mastec advanced technology senior technician (Former Employee) says

"Be patient with your job search and don't settle for this job There are much better places out there even if it's just to hold out for another. Keep looking!"

at&t DIRECT TV INSTALLER AND REPAIR (Former Employee) says

"To many negatives to list. Christian based organization that discriminates against other religions! Over work for no compensation. Lied about everything with no company support.None.Mastec"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Years ago business was lucrative and could make a decent wage. Poor pay, dishonest about future, poor hours, poor upper management, all around poor place to work.NonePay, work life, stability, hours, stress"

Field manager (Current Employee) says

"MASTEC at is a joke. They treat their technicians horrible. Very very poor management. Technicians are overworked underpaid. If you’re not a 20-year-old single person this is not the job for you they don’t like anybody with a family. Do not go to work for Mastec! They are dishonest they short you on pay when you try to get your pay fixed they tell you do you have to take it up with HR and then HR tells you to take it up with local management. Human resources for Mastec is a joke all"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Disappointing and stressful. The good personnel gets overlooked and pushed out. You get treated as a stat and not a teammate. This company is only good for short term employment. Especially if you can get over being lied to in your face."

Installer/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no help or work from management! Aside from their computer games they cannot be bothered to do their jobs. I spent a lot of years with this company and it steadily got worse! You will be routed with 16 hours worth of work for an 8 hour day!"

Satellite Technician/Installer (Current Employee) says

"Company has declined steadily since AT&T purchased Direct TV. No advancement opportunity, No pay raises, No job security, No reward for doing your job well. I've worked for Mastec for close to 10 years, and now see the end is near, my pay has dropped in half since AT&T took over Direct. Mastec is becoming ridiculous to work for, there is no loyalty or incentive to be a committed employee."

Satellite TV install tech (Former Employee) says

"I worked two weeks pulling 5 days of 15 hour days, and brought home $421.68. nuff said. I quit immediately after. I got paid better while in training."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I spent several years of my life working for this company only to get treated like another # Your pay is constantly being manipulated and your job at the company is constantlybeing threatened."

Satellite Technician (Current Employee) says

"Definitely would not recommend working there. You get paid by the job (piece rate). You are not compensated for travel time which could be four plus hours a day. It is a poorly run company"

Licensing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. No benefits/PTO. Didn't believe in moving up people and worked there for 2 years. No growth opportunities, not a good or healthy environment to work in."


"I am amazed this company has not been sued out of existence. All of the same complaints from employees across multiple business units, over decades...I was also a victim. I won\'t use profanity here, but it is there."

Normi Burke says

"For three months I had to clear up the same issue (a change of credit card info for autopay.) I spent hours on each call and managed to get them to take off one month's bill which the "supervisor" continued to say what a courtesy that was. Her tone was condescending. I go back with this company before they were ATT- it was Cingular. I feel trapped because in my area ATT has better coverage. I continue to look for a different carrier."

Tucker Whittaker says

"AT@T is terrible. I had been a customer for about 6 years. When it came time for me to get a new phone, the agent that sold me the phone did something that was outside of company policy and a supervisor admitted that it was outside of company policy. Even so, they were unwilling to work with me on a bill that was over $1000. They charged me the full price of my new phone and my wife's new phone which should have been paid off in installments over 30 months(yea, lock you into a contract for 30 months, just to make sure you stay with them). I end up having to pay off my new phone and my wife's new one in one chunk rather than over a 30 month installment period. And even when they admitted that the agent did something outside of company policy, there was nothing they were willing to do about it and "were so sorry to lose me as a customer". Yeah sure. They lie. Their customer service is terrible. They try to lock you into contracts when other companies aren't doing that anymore. They aren't willing to work with you when one of their agents did something outside of their company policy. They lie. They cheat. They are a terrible company and are in the business of screwing people over and over charging them."

Brad Murar says

"Set up an appointment for internet installation. They quoted the techs being there from 8-12. No one showed up and no one called. Called them and waited almost an hour on hold for them to tell me they were running late and would be there from 3-4. I left for work and had my roommate wait for them until he had to leave for work at 6. Again nobody showed up or called. After getting out of work and calling again waiting 40 mins on hold they told me they had the wrong number and tried calling but obviously couldn’t get through. They did eventually show up around 8 when we were all gone for work at this point. After calling to reschedule they said it would be about a week for them to come back and install."

Liz Boudreaux says

"8/4/20 1st) of all you .. have to wait on hold for almost an 1hr even if it says 4 mins to talk to anyone. 2nd) If I could give a minus 10 star for att tech support I would. ? Been having trouble with my uverse since way before April 2020 ... but in April 2020 I called cuz I was tired of my uverse lossing connection with my internet & not being able to record on my DVR which I lost almost 200 movies. Anyways they ran all kind of test on their end ... they find everything ok... they send me a new box which looked ancient & HUGH. Well that didn't work even so I figured it must be the wire to the box. So I dealt with the headache. Now it is august 4th I told them I wanted to disconnect my uverse I was going to try att tv. The customer service guy said they could give me a really good deal if I stayed with uverse but again I told him all the problems I was having. he said he would transfer me to tech support to get a guy to come check out my system at home. Waited again for almost an hr for tech support to basically just tell me that he ran test on my system from there but again showed nothing wrong i told him to PLEASE look back at the notes on my acct how I had been having trouble for months. He told me that he wasn't able to authorize to send a tech out. I asked for his supervisor which I had to hold for almost 25 mins to only find out all the supervisors were helping other customer...Wonder why?!? Needless to say i hung on him aggravated as HELL!!"

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